Strengths Quest: Before attending the HDF 290 retreat I was asked to complete a strengths quest assignment. After completing it I was informed of my top five strengths/themes. I learned that my signature themes include positivity, activator, developer, command, and input. I felt as though these themes perfectly described me as a person, as well as a leader. I tend to see every situation in a positive manner as well as being active in situations and often involving myself in many different opportunities. I am quick to develop actions to take and do not mind being in control of a situation as a leader, and giving others commands. I also am one to give my personal input on a situation and to voice my opinion to further a discussion. All of my themes explain the way I handle various situations. I enjoyed completing this assignment for it furthered my own personal understanding of myself. 

Type Focus:For the leadership retreat I was asked to complete the Type Focus personality assessment to help me have a better understanding of my personal leadership and personality style. After going through the assessment I was presented with the results that I am a (ESFP). This includes extraversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving as my top personality traits. The analysis explained to me that I am friendly, outgoing, and live for the moment. In regards to my career ESFP tells me that I often pay attention to details and value a realistic approach to problem solving. This helps me to not only understand my personality in a deeper way, but to understand that when it comes to being a leader I am a problem solver with an realistic approach and that I like to work with/help others! This type focus was very beneficial for me and my future.

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