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 I am currently studying Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Leadership Studies. I participate in various community service projects regarding my sororities philanthropy:  Prevent Child Abuse America.

From HDF 290,412, and 492 I have gained qualities to help me to become an adequate leader in U.S modern society, that will help me succeed in my future career and throughout life.

My five signature themes according to Strengths Quest include activator, command, developer, input, and positivity. When I originally completed the Strengths Finder activity and was presented with my five strengths I was slightly shocked. Although when I began to examine my five strengths I began to comprehend that they described my perfectly.  I feel as though each five of my strengths are assets to my future career path. My five themes are activator, developer, command, input, and my personal favorite positivity. 

Most of my strengths fall between influencing and relationship building, with only one of my strengths in strategic thinking, and none in executing. I think the classification of my strengths say a lot about me alone. I am not an executer, something that I shy away from for I would rather focus on influencing others and keeping and or building good, strong relationships. 

When I reflect upon all of the various models and theories of leadership that I have learned, one specific model comes to mind that describes my practice of leadership to date. This model is relational leadership, a model that I practice regularly when I am working in a group with my peers, either in the classroom or at work. The “Relational Leadership” model is by Susan Komives, Timothy McMahon, & Nance Lucas. 

HDF 412 has taken my leadership minor and experience to the next level. When I began the minor in HDF 290 I received a well understanding of the theories, models, and major aspects of leadership. Although HDF 412 has taken this experience to the next level. For HDF 412 had a deeper approach to the theories, models, and introduced me to new ways of thinking. I loved learning about cultural anthropology, inclusive leadership, and critical thinking. This Historical, Multi-Ethical & Alternative Leadership course has expanded my mind and taught me the importance of inclusion and what it takes to be a proper leader.  During HDF 412 the module one assessment helped me to pull together a connection between my strengths and to analyze which model of leadership adequately describes my way of leadership thus far. I have learned to utilize my strengths to understand others and myself as a leader. I have often used the Relational Leadership Theory to approach certain situations in and out of the classroom and workplace. I feel after completing this class I have gained a better sense of critical thinking skills, especially after reading "Crucial Conversations." My way of thinking as been altered for the best and I can now approach crucial and stressful conversations in a successful way. I have learned to be ethical and un-biased in everything that I do and I know that, that is a skill I will always keep with me to continue to grow as a leader.

HDF 492 has helped me to pull all that I have learned and taken from the Leadership Minor together and into my senior portfolio. My portfolio theme is "My Journey." I have grown so much as a person since my freshman year and I am very proud of the person and leader that I have become. The leadership minor has helped me to bloom into a confident student who is ambitious to learn and meet new people. My strengths (activator, command, developer, input, and positivity) show an adequate reflection of me as a person and recognizing my strengths has helped me to work well with others. The Outcomes Inventory has helped me to categorize all that I have learned. There are five main sections: self-leadership, leadership theories, inclusive leadership, critical thinking, and interpersonal and organizational. The number one thing I have learned about myself from the self-leadership section is how I have learned autonomy and most importantly how to lead myself in order to lead others. The leadership theories section is a reflection of all of the theories that I have been introduced to throughout the minor. These theories have helped me learn various leadership methods and how to work with others, as well as myself. The inclusive leadership outcomes section was concentrated on my HDF 412 class where I learned the importance of inclusion and what it takes to be a proper leader. The critical thinking category outcomes category is a reflection of the new decision making skills I have learned as well as how I deal with conflict. Lastly, interpersonal and organizational skills and concepts outcome category was a reflection of all of the skills I have learned that have helped me to become a better leader: giving and receiving feedback, good listening skills, and much more. I am very proud of the results of my final inventory outcomes.

Next year I will be attending graduate school to study College Student Personnel. I hope to one day be an academic advisor so I can help students reach their ultimate academic & career goals.


I hope to get back to Europe ASAP to explore new countries & destinations to broaden my cultural horizon and to sky-dive in the Swiss-Alps!



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